When is the best time to plan your day?

First…do you take time to plan you day?

If the answer is NO you may be seriously impacting your overall success and productivity.


Because without a plan in place it’s super easy to get carried away by the chaos of any day (even with a plan you probably still put out a lot of fires!). But when you are clear on your top priorities it becomes much easier to stay on track, or get back there after distractions. So often business owners spend their entire day just running the business, they never have time to complete the tasks which will actually move them forward. A clear plan and focus each day can drastically improve personal performance and achievement.

So when is the best time to plan your day?

The two most common times are the night before and in the morning.

While I’d rather see planning at night over not planning at all, there are a few other advantages to morning planning. This is also the routine I follow as a women entrepreneur to start my day right, eliminate overwhelm, and keep me focused on the top action steps for the day.

Scientists have found your willpower is strongest in the morning and morning planning is one of 8 traits common to the world’s most successful people. In addition to taking time each morning to plan, they also:


Take time to get centered and clear which also helps reduce overwhelm, eliminate stress, and boost health.


They work out and set aside time for self care. (There is a space for self care every day in the Best Planner Ever specifically for this purpose.)


They finish difficult tasks by staying focused and doing these first so the rest of the day is clear. (In your Best Planner Ever use your Top Priority to knock out the hard stuff FIRST so the rest of the day is a breeze.)

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To your success (and morning planning!)



Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Founder, Best Planner Ever

Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and the founder/creator of Best Planner Ever.  She is a Mastery Level Profit First Certified Coach and a Provendus Growth Academy Coach. She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker.

Jennifer is dedicated to empowering women globally to lead effective and joyful daily lives. She loves to develop simple, functional tools which harness the power of planning to help others be less busy and more efficient each day. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and three children, enjoys riding her horse Hockey, and yoga keeps her sane.