In today’s busy world it can be super easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “If I just work more hours I can get it all done.” But this is not the case and in fact a study by professor John Pencavel of Stanford University examined data from World War I laborers, where the output was proportionate to time worked—up to 49 hours. After that, the productivity rate took a major nose dive.

So if you want to be more productive, keep a close eye on the number of hours you are working and focus instead on where the time is going and NOT just piling up hours. Here are some ways to do that:

Work a little less, but stop phoning it in, literally. You might believe you’re ignoring your iPhone, but unless it’s turned off, it’s a distraction.

In a report published this year from researchers at Florida State University – even if you don’t look at your phone when it buzzes, the sound and awareness of an incoming message causes your mind to wander.

So put the phone away. Shut the emails off. And get to work. REAL work, not busyness.

Focus on projects that move you forward INSTEAD of tasks that keep you busy, and fill time.

No matter how crazy your days get, make certain you carve out and protect at least 90 minutes a day (about 18% of an 8 hour day) like a mama bear protects its young— and watch how much faster you meet your goals. Life is found in forward movement and determined steps, not how much time you spent cruising Facebook or online shopping.

A 2015 CareerBuilder survey found workplace attention destroyers are: cell phones, emails, texting, Internet surfing, gossip, and social media. Beware of these productivity killers. Identifying your distractions is the BIGGEST key to avoiding them. We all have these distractions, and they aren’t going away, so it’s critical to find better ways to navigate them.