“I don’t feel like it.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

These are just a few of the internal debates we have with ourselves when we’re supposed to be handling projects or interacting with people, that simply, we just don’t want to interact or deal with!

At some point, no matter what, we are going to be faced with tasks (or people) that we must deal with. Either way, we face a choice. We can plow forward like a horse with blinders and get the task done, or we can give into that momentary impulse to procrastinate it off until later.

The problem with procrastination is while it may seem like the easier pain-free, headache-free choice, it too often comes at a higher cost. Not only can you delay to a point where your quality dips, but rushing through projects often results in costly errors. Plus, the added stress of carrying around the weight of whatever you are procrastinating can increase stress, tap your energy, and weigh heavy on your mind.

If you want to stay out of the procrastination cycle, make it a habit to sit down, and knock that task you are dreading off your list FIRST. This way you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment quickly AND lighten your mood for the rest of the day, instead of the dread that can hang around for days or weeks.

Of course, there is a such a thing as a healthy procrastination that can happen when you’re uncertain about what to do with an idea or a project. Then it makes sense to back off and return once you’ve resolved any questions around it. Just simply schedule time in your planner to revisit the task so you’ve had adequate time to consider or research further – and know it will still get done.

Procrastination can be a friend or foe – it really depends on how you handle it. If you feel a sense of dread, just knock it off your plate first thing. If you are just unsure about how to proceed, then take your time to work through it, and then circle back and get it done!

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Happy Planning!




Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Founder, Best Planner Ever

Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and the founder/creator of Best Planner Ever.  She is a Mastery Level Profit First Certified Coach and a Provendus Growth Academy Coach. She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker.

Jennifer is dedicated to empowering women globally to lead effective and joyful daily lives. She loves to develop simple, functional tools which harness the power of planning to help others be less busy and more efficient each day. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and three children, enjoys riding her horse Hockey, and yoga keeps her sane.