This year we’ve compiled our own list of Favorite Things and each product featured is from a women-owned small business. These inspiring women not only offer fabulous products and services, they also raise families, care for elderly parents, give to their community, and support the economy. They are worthy of your support!



LOVE by Sarah Walton

These handmade lotions and sugar scrubs are heavenly (my favorite is Vanilla and Luscious Lemon!). They are made by Sarah Walton and she’s made it her mission in life to remind women that taking care of ourselves is key to our happiness, and to the happiness of those around us.

The products you find in this store have been hand-crafted by Sarah, with the utmost care, love and focus, all with you in mind. They are from her heart and from her own experiences and growth. As women, we use our hands every day: we wipe away tears, we give hugs, we shake hands on deals, we send e-mail and we cook and clean. Everything you see in her store was designed to remind you that you matter, too. You deserve to find a moment in every day that’s just for you.

To shop LOVE by Sarah Walton Click Here.

Give the Gift of Music at Garret Music Academy

Garrett Music Academy is a super special place and this year they just introduced VIRTUAL MUSIC LESSONS! Imagine being able to put your child in lessons and totally ELIMINATE the hassle of a commute or waiting for their lesson to end. Now, your child can take a lesson in the comfort of your home from anywhere in the United States.

Even better – this isn’t just for kids.  I’m signing up for violin to meet my 2018 goal of learning a new instrument… WOW!!

They are a premier music school, located in Owings, Maryland, teaching all instruments including voice. Their philosophy centers on developing physical ability as well as musical knowledge, in tandem, so they remain balanced. They pride themselves on putting their students first, tailoring private lessons to the individual student’s abilities and goals. Check out how they can be a part of making your musical dreams come true.

To shop Garrett Music Academy Click Here.

Sponsor a Child or Animal at Bit of Hope Ranch

I grew up riding horses and still ride today so I know first hand how magical these animals are and how they can help heal any wound. It’s no surprise this amazing ranch made our list…

Bit of Hope Ranch is volunteer driven and donation funded. It’s a Christian faith-based organization that opened its gates in 2007 to hurting children, families, and horses. The Ranch is also CHA site accredited, making the safety of horse and human a top priority and offers mental health, physical therapy, and educational programs.

Did you know it takes 35 volunteer hours each week to feed and care for the animals? Over 3500 hours each year to maintain the facility, low ropes course, trails, and fencing? $320 for 1 teen to attend an 8 week group therapy session? 22 lbs of feed/hay/grass/day for 1 horse? $250/month to feed one horse and provide routine hoof /vet care?

You can make a BIG difference in the life of a child or animal with even a $50 donation.

To make a donation to Bit of Hope Ranch Click Here.

Gotham Quilts

Gotham Quilts was born of the friendship of two self-proclaimed fabric nerds in Manhattan. They bring their vision to you both online AND to the New York quilters with their quilt shop on W37th Street. They have set everything up to make things easier for you to create amazing quilts and are stocked with fabric from the biggest names in modern quilting like Tula Pink and Denyse Schmidt to newer brands like Cotton+Steel and American Made Brand.

This is just the COOLEST quilting store…They have a hand-picked selection of patterns by the best modern designers, and kits that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their site makes it easy to find coordinating prints, solids, and blenders, so you don’t have to worry about whether the colors will match in real life. They also have free tutorials and original quilt patterns that will help you improve your skills and confidence. They will keep you up to date with the newest fabric collections and important trends, and there’s so much more!

To shop Gotham Quilts for your favorite fabric nerd Click Here.

Take a Bigger Picture Adventure

Looking for a life changing experience? Check out Bigger Picture Adventure Trips – designed especially for women – throughout the world will take you through a journey of discovering your abilities in different ways. These adventure experiences will leave you with a feeling of elation, empowerment and most importantly ready to tackle the world. Daily, you conquer your career, business and life. It is now time to conquer the wild and find your trail to transformation with the bigger picture.

Spending time in nature and wilderness have special healing powers, especially when blended with a like-minded mix of ladies wanting to invest in themselves to try something new or hone their current skills in the outdoors within a safe setting. Here at Best Planner Ever we have partnered with Bigger Picture to host our annual retreats. These trips are truly life changing.

To find out more or host your own Adventure Retreat Click Here.


Tidal Effects Cape Cod

Meet Tidal Effects! They work to create fun, uplifting and well-made clothing that makes you smile…Even in the dark winter months I just LOVE wearing their clothes and maybe I’m dreaming but it makes me feel warmer and like I’m sitting on the beach!

Tidal Effects is a small company that is like family, made up of people who love Cape Cod and its surrounding natural beauty. The Tidal Effects team features lovely people who possess a multitude of talents and descriptions – including hockey moms, students, beachgoers, golfers, photographers, screen printers, graphic artists, planners, sales mavens, philosophers and vanilla ice cream lovers.

They are committed to handling every Tidal Effects product with care and consistency.

To shop Tidal Effects Click Here.


Get Your Kids Outside and Moving!

Fitivities is the award-winning game that includes the perfect mix of individual or group play that can be adapted to fit all age groups or any combinations of ages. Created by founder Sandy Slade, she’s devoted her life to the health and well being of our children. With easy set-up and simple exercises, FITIVITIES is part board game, part workout, and all fun. It’s a unique twist on the dice-rolling games we love, with your children as the game pieces that leap into action.

Fitivities is a burst of fun & fitness that is every parent’s hidden exercise secret in a game disguise. What could be better than getting your kids moving, improving their health, and having fun all at the same time?!

Sandy also offers a perfect system for that teacher in your life, Skillastics. Check it out!

To Shop Fitivites Click Here.

Best Planner Ever!

You know we had to include it – because it is our FAVORITE thing! The Best Planner Ever is so much more than just a planner. It’s a way to set goals and succeed. Get inspired and stay in the right mindset. Plan your day to be effective. Be less busy and have more time for the things in life that matter to you the most.

I hope the Best Planner Ever can help you as much as it does for me every day. Here’s to living your BEST LIFE EVER.

To Shop Best Planner Ever Click Here

Smile to Inspire Apparel

Identity Magazine is a digital magazine with a mission to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life by discovering the power of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement™. The founder Susan recently launch her line of apparel featuring super inspiring statements. The fabric is super soft and I get compliments every time I wear them!

Emblazoned with one of Identity Magazine Founder, Susan Vernicek’s fave phrases, fashion fuels happiness in a snug top that reminds you–and motivates others–to SMILE to INSPIRE.

To Shop Smile To Inspire Click Here



Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Founder, Best Planner Ever

Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and the founder/creator of Best Planner Ever.  She is a Mastery Level Profit First Certified Coach and a Provendus Growth Academy Coach. She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker.

Jennifer is dedicated to empowering women globally to lead effective and joyful daily lives. She loves to develop simple, functional tools which harness the power of planning to help others be less busy and more efficient each day. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and three children, enjoys riding her horse Hockey, and yoga keeps her sane.