Coaching for High Achievers

Your Secret Weapon for Growth

We all have the same 24 hours.

Why is it some people are able to accomplish so much more with their 24?

It comes down to how you manage your time.

We are stretched thin, bombarded with distractions, and faced with new challenges – daily. When it comes to succeeding in the game of productivity, whatever gets your focus and attention wins. But is your focus on the right tasks that will move your dreams and goals forward? The most successful people in the world never leave it to chance.

They surround themselves with others invested in their own success (and demand to be held accountable for their results.)

Working with an expert coach can skyrocket your success. No more wasted days putting out fires, instead start each week with total clarity and focus.


Does It Really Work?

Two year ago my client Lynn set a goal for herself: double her business revenues in one year. She sells a clothing line for women on Amazon and while her clothes were beautiful, and she drips talent, she had not seen the kind of financial success she wanted. She had been “going it alone” for 3 years with only marginal increases in sales and an ever increasing list of expenses. This time she wanted things to be different and made a commitment to private coaching.

Not only did she receive expert guidance on growing her company, but also support and encouragement when things got tough.

Lynn did double her revenues in the first year. Then, she doubled them again the following year. She lowered her Operating Expenses by a whopping 43% and increased her own salary by $75,000.

If you accomplished your current Revenue and Salary goals this year, how would that change your life?


Next Steps

If you have been searching for the right coach – and are serious about meeting your goals – I offer business coaching for 6 and 7 figure business owners who want to double their revenues, triple their net, in 12 months or less, while working half as hard. 

If you are struggling with a personal issue such as health or weight loss, relationship issues, or personal trauma let’s get you matched with a member of my life coaching team.