Plan Your Ideal Life eBook


This book written by Jennifer Dawn outlines 12 Powerful Steps to take to transform your life in 90 days. Learn effective strategies for getting unstuck with your goals, gaining momentum and confidence, and practical exercises you can print and use over and over.

The perfect companion to your Best Planner Ever. Available immediately as a download.


Upon purchased you’ll receive an email to download your Plan Your Ideal Life Book. This is a PDF file filled with numerous exercises you can print and use as often as you like. Chapters include:

Step 1 – Feel Better NOW

Step 2 – Gaining Momentum & Confidence

Step 3 – Gratitude and Why It Matters

Step 4 – Defining Success On Your Terms

Step 5 – The Power of Quiet Time

Step 6 – How To Brain Dump & Prioritize

Step 7 – The A Task & How It Can Change Your Life

Step 8 – Clarify Your Vision

Step 9 – Strategy: The Missing Link to Achieving Goals

Step 10 – The Daily Planning Habit

Step 11 – Me Time Is Non Negotiable

Step 12 – Putting It All Together


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