3x Your Daily Productivity

► Work with Focus

► Achieve Goals Faster

► Plan Your Perfect Day 

Manage all areas of your life with our full daily planning page right at your fingertips.

Features & Benefits

Designed for the high-achiever who wants to meet their goals while having fun and experiencing true work-life balance. 

► Month & Year At A Glance for easier planning

Vision Board pages to stay motivated

► Focus Wheels to magnify your intention

Goal Tracking and strategy to succeed

Reflection Questions for insight and clarity

Timed Appointments to make the most of your day

► Space For Sticky Notes so you never lose track and can change quickly

Brain Dump Pages to eliminate overwhelm

► Daily Health Tracking to make self-care a priority

Gratitude, Affirmations, Quotes and more to nurture a mindset for success

Multiple Cover Choices

Choose from a large selection of beautifully designed covers.

Focus Wheels

Skyrocket your intention to manifest what you want quickly.

Vision & Goal Tracking

Includes both Vision Pages and Goal Tracking for clarity and focus.

Choose My Planner

Large Format 8.5 x 11 Insert

12 Month Condensed Weekend

6 Month Expanded Weekend

90 Day Undated

Meet the Creator

As a busy wife, mother of 3, and successful business coach I’ve mentored thousands on how to “keep track of it all” without losing your sanity and soul in the process.

I’ve learned hard work and focus can certainly achieve results; however, it’s stress-free productivity that delivers a bigger bang for your “effort” buck.

I wanted to create a simple tool for myself AND my clients that could easily and effortlessly help to tame the chaos of the day but also help to achieve our goals with less effort.

That’s how the Best Planner Ever was born.

The key to getting the most from the planner is NOT to complete every line. Instead, take time to really think about where you want to be. Create a picture of your ideal life on the Vision Pages. Map out the benchmarks to achieve it on the Goals pages. Then, take daily Inspired Action. Say no to anything that doesn’t move you forward. Say yes to self-care, gratitude, and enjoying the ride.

What is the difference between the ACADEMIC and CALENDAR year?

A calendar year runs January thru December. All months falls within the same calendar year.

The academic year runs from July in the current year until June of the following year. It is often used by students and teachers.

We offer an Academic year in our 12 month spiral bound planner (if you want the full year in one book) OR if you need more room on weekends then choose our 6 month planners in any combination you like.

Does the Large Format insert include the binder?

Our Large Format planner is 8.5 x 11 and is designed to be an insert into any standard 3 ring binder.

To fit the entire year, you’ll need at least a 1.5″ binder. Because it’s an insert, you can also use a more narrow binder and put as much or little of the year in the binder as you wish.

The insert does NOT include tabs or a cover. You’ll need to provide your own 3 ring binder.

This format does include the MOST room to write and has a fully expanded weekend.

I'm very busy on the weekends, which planner is best for me?

If you need more room on the weekends you’ll want to choose either the 6 month format or the Large Format.

In the 12 month the weekend is condensed from 3 pages to 1 to prevent bulk. If your weekends are slower or you need less room to write this usually works fine.

However if you have a very busy weekend (such as real estate agents or busy moms with kids) you’ll want to choose the expanded weekend.

What's the difference between the 6 and 12 month?

The only difference between the 6 and 12 month format is the weekend.

In the 6 month format you have a full page for Saturday & Sunday, full page for Weekly Reflection, AND a full page to plan the week.

In the 12 month format, these 3 pages are condensed to 1 to prevent the planner from being too bulky.

If you have a really busy weekend or want a full page to plan each week, choose the 6 month format. 

This expanded weekend is also included in our Large Format Insert and 90 Day Undated planner.

Only the 12 month format has a condensed weekend.

How much do the planners weigh?

Here are the weights of our planners:

12 MONTH = 1 lb 12 oz

6 MONTH = 1 lb 1 oz

90 DAY – 8 oz