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Deb Coman

I am so enjoying using my Best Planner Ever and mapping out my time and having space for everything including self-care, meals, work activities, and goals! I am grateful to have found you and your great product.

Deb Coman - Deb Coman Writing, Editing, & Coaching
Kyla Clark

I totally stole this planner from my mom and made her buy another one. I love how it helps keep me focused every day because I really needed help staying organized.

Kyla Clark - Student
Wendy Knutson

I really love the goals section. Goal setting is very difficult for me and this planner guides me quite nicely through setting goals and gives me permission to change them.

Wendy Knutson - Owner/Founder, Knutson CPA
Shayla Boyd-Gill

This planner makes you want to open it and paint the picture of your day, month, and year. Other planners were too rigid and lacked personality but this one makes you want to plan!

Shayla Boyd-Gill - Owner/Founder, Money Freedom Architect
Tonja Valdez

I love this planner and taking the time every day to get focused on what I need to accomplish. In the craziness of a day my planner keeps me sane.

Tonja Valdez - Founder / CEO, VirginN Mineral Makeup & BioActive Skin Care
Marla Mervis-Hartmann

Jennifer's guidance and expertise in Goal setting and Planning are superb. Her passion for helping people create their vision with grace and ease created a genuine environment where everyone felt safe to share and express themselves. I learned tools that I can use in my speaking and coaching business along with my personal goals. Jennifer's approach to goal planning is unique; she breaks it down in a loving and compassionate way. I now understand that even with setbacks and life's challenges I can still create the life and vision that I want. Thank you, Jennifer!

Marla Mervis-Hartmann -
Patty Rose

I love planning my day and especially the Top Priorities and Sticky notes. I use it to note important highlights, accomplishments, and celebrations for the day.

Patty Rose - Founder/CEO, Patty Rose Enterprises
Jenna Knudsen

My favorite part of the planner is the flow… it just makes sense. I love planning my week on Sunday night to be super effective for the week ahead.

Jenna Knudsen - Owner/Founder, IsaEquine