My Story

Hello! I’m Jennifer Dawn, the creator of the Best Planner Ever. As a busy wife, mother of 3, and successful entrepreneur who has mentored hundreds of business owners I realized there had to be a better way to keep track of it all.

Now…I’m no schlep who can’t get stuff done.

I’ve taken two businesses into the millions and have a private business coaching practice where I help entrepreneurs grow healthy and profitable companies. I know how to set goals, stay focused, and achieve results – but no single planner did it all for me.

I kept hearing from my clients and friends “I have so much trouble staying organized” or “I feel like a slave to my day” and I could totally relate. I wanted to create a tool I could use not only in my own busy life, but one that would work for them too….so I did.

The Best Planner Ever is so much more than just a planner. It’s a way to set goals and succeed. Get inspired and stay in the right mindset. Plan your day to be effective. Be less busy and have more time for the things in life that matter to you the most. I hope the Best Planner Ever can help you as much as it does for me every day. Here’s to  living your BEST LIFE EVER.