Best Journal Ever


Making the most of each day begins with a mindset for success. But what if you are struggling to get into a positive place? Or, you are doing the work to be “happy” but still feel like a fraud because deep down you are carrying pain, hurt, and other negative emotions.

The Best Journal Ever is not your average journal. In this powerful daily practice, you’ll intentionally release the blocks holding you back by giving yourself permission to release and rant those negative emotions on pages designed to be ripped out and destroyed. The remaining pages complete the LIGHT your day process with reminders for daily connection, visualization, and gratitude.

Includes 60 days of journaling.

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Best Journal Ever

“A life worth living is a life worth recording” – Jim Rohn. And, there is no better way of empowering your life than affirming it every day in writing. From participating in daily journal prompts, and penning down your thoughts, to organizing your plans and practicing gratitude journaling, the Best Journal Ever will change your life more than you probably could ever imagine.

So enjoy the journey – be beautiful carrying this stylish planner, be organized with well-designed prompts, and, most importantly, light up your day with daily reminders for meditation.


  • Rip and destroy pages – Write about whatever negative thoughts you hold, then rip out the pages and get rid of them. By venting and ranting on these pages, Best Journal Ever ensures you quickly find a release. As a result, objectivity will resume, and you will be in an excellent position to move forward.
  • Ignite your authentic self – After clearing all the negative thoughts, take some time here to unlock your authenticity. This is a time of solitude where nothing else is of importance except the prompts and pages in the journal. The Best Journal Ever allows you to subconsciously connect with yourself or a higher power of your choice. On the face of it, this is a place where you can be you and say whatever is swirling on your mind.
  • Increase your gratitude – When you start practicing gratitude journaling, new chambers of thoughts disengage in the palace of your mind. You will be awestruck not only by the incredible things in your life but also by the brilliance and wonders of life in general. Spend 2-3 minutes here listing down places, people, and things, which you are grateful for. Some “optional” guiding questions on gratitude have been included in the Journal to guide you on this.
  • Hone your life vision – There are blank pages at the beginning of the Journal where you can write your vision statement and craft a vision board. As you connect with your vision daily, it becomes forged into your mind. Ultimately, this vision consumes your inner being and fast become your physical reality. If you need any help crafting a vision statement, our productivity Boot Camp online course can come in handy on how to do that.
  • A place to take action – Taking action separates the high achievers from the everyday people, the haves from have-nots, and winners from losers. The Best Journal Ever has dedicated pages where you can break down your goals into an actionable plan, and help you get more done. List every step that needs to be taken to achieve your goals here. What would it take to get from A-B? What about from A-Z?